Problems of New Urban Media: Deformation of Culture and Deformation Mediaстатья

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[1] Problems of new urban media: Deformation of culture and deformation media / M. R. Arpentieva, L. V. Bykasova, L. B. Dykhan et al. // European Proceedings of Social and Behavioural Sciences. — 2019. — no. Vol. LXVI. — P. 2357–1330. Modernity is the time and place of the emergence of a post-industrial type of urban society. This type differs in many ways from the urban formations of communities that are in the agrarian and industrial stages of social development and interacts with them in different ways: there are many different ways of interaction - different processes and different results within the dialectically related phenomenon of urbanization. Urbanization is also an opportunity for the development of culture and the threat of its deformation. The repeater of popular culture and its “littering” is the new urban media, the main part of which is represented by digital culture media. At the same time, new urban media is an important tool for finding and approving new meanings of life and development of the city and its inhabitants. New urban media are actively involved in the processes of banking and rebranding of urban and adjacent - regional - territories. City media constructs and reconstructs the “city text” in its multiple manifestations. In many countries of socialism and post-socialism, urban processes have had and have certain features, including: the critical shortage of housing in cities, difficulties in obtaining it; a large outflow of people from the village and a shortage of food products; industrial character of cities associated with the cultural and social dependence of the state and life of the population on the success and lives of several enterprises; minimalism of the leisure sphere in small cities and settlements of city type, etc.

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