On calculating the Earth's $C_{21}$ and $S_{21}$ gravity coefficients in the IERS terrestrial reference frameстатья

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[1] Kudryavtsev S. M. On calculating the earth's $c_{21}$ and $s_{21}$ gravity coefficients in the iers terrestrial reference frame // Journal of Geodesy. — 1999. — Vol. 73, no. 9. — P. 448–451. Modern models of the Earth's gravity field are developed in the IERS (International Earth Rotation Service) terrestrial reference frame. In this frame the mean values for gravity coecients of the second degree and ®rst order, $C_{21}$(…IERS)† and $S_{21}$(…IERS)†, by the current IERS Conventions are recommended to be calculated by using the observed polar motion parameters. Here, it is proved that the formulae presently employed by the IERS Conventions to obtain these coecients are insucient to ensure their values as given by the same source. The relevant error of the normalized mean values for $C_{21}…$(IERS)† and $S_{21}$(…IERS)† is $3times 10{-12}$, far above the adopted cutoff€ ($10{-13}$) for variations of these coecients. Such an error in $C_{21}$ and $S_{21}$ can produce non-modeled perturbations in motion prediction of certain artificial Earth satellites of a magnitude comparable to the accuracy of current tracking measurements. [ DOI ]

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