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[1] Ustinova K., Fung J., Levin M. Postural adjustments during perturbation of rhythmical arm movement // Gait and Posture. — 2005. — Vol. 21, no. S1. — P. 41–41. Introduction: We hypothesised that body posture and rhythmical arm movement are controlled as a coherent whole rather than separately. To test this hypothesis, we investigated the effect of brief perturbation of rhythmic arm movements on body posture in standing healthy subjects. Methods: Subjects swung both arms in-phase (-0.8 Hz) in a sagittal direction. When moving forward, one arm was transiently arrested. The coordination between movements of the center of mass (CoM), trunk segments (level C7-T10), pelvis, right and left thighs and shanks was quantified with principal component analysis (PCA) during 3 periods: an interval preceding the arrest (pre), an interval from the arrest onset to recovery of coordinated bimanual oscillations (intermediate), and an interval after that (post). Results: One PC described 95 96% of the total angular variance in pre- and post-arrest intervals. The variance accounted for by PC1 decreased (<75%) for the intermediate interval and remained decreased until all body and arm segments arrived at a steady-state around the position of mazdmal arm flexion at which time, coordinated arm oscillations resumed. Conclusion: Results suggest that arm and body movements may be controlled as one multi-segment movement. Results also imply that rhythmic arm movements are re-initiated when all body and arm segments reach a steady state position after perturbation. [ DOI ]

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