Ion Exchange Demineralization of Solutions with High Concentration of Saltsтезисы доклада

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Работа с тезисами доклада

[1] Ion exchange demineralization of solutions with high concentration of salts / V. I. Gorshkov, Y. A. Kovalenko, N. B. Ferapontov, V. A. Ivanov // Proceedings of the XIV-th International Symposium on Physical-Сhemical Methods of the Mixtures Separation ARS SEPARATORIA '99. Gniew, Poland. 5-8 July,. — Gniew, Poland, 1999. — P. 83. Ion exchange is applied for demineralization of solution with salts concentration up to 10 g/l. Significant increase of level of mineralization of initial solutions above the traditionally considered maximal level 1-2 g/l is the result of improvements of ion exchange technology: • diminished quantities of ion exchange resins, reagents for regeneration and rinse waters are consumed; • concentrations of reagents for regeneration of resins are significantly increased; • stoichiometric quantities of reagents to regenerate resins are applied; • concentrated solutions of salts displaced from the spent resins without exceeds of regeneration reagents are obtained. These improvement are achieved by new techniques and procedures introduced in the technology: • Definite combination of cation exchange and anion exchange resins of strong and weak acid-base types are used; • Proprietary counter-current apparatus are used for all operations of sorption, regeneration and rinsing of resins; • Proprietary concentrations of regeneration agents and some other conditions of regeneration to diminish significantly the selectivity of resins are applied; • Proprietary conditions of rinsing of spent resins to substitute the regeneration reagent without dilution are applied.

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