Carbene-insertion noble gas compounds: FKrCF and FXeCFстатья

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[1] Sosulin I. S., Tyurin D. A., Feldman V. I. Carbene-insertion noble gas compounds: Fkrcf and fxecf // Chemical Physics Letters. — 2020. — P. 137211. FKrCF and FXeCF were synthetized in solid krypton and xenon matrices at cryogenic temperatures. These molecules representing a new class of noble-gas compounds are formed as a result of reaction between mobile F atoms and trapped CF fragment in solid Kr and Xe, which occur after X-ray radiolysis of CH2F2 in the corresponding matrices. The assignment was based on comparison with previously published computational data (Chopra et al., Chem. Phys., 2017, 494, 20) and the results of additional quantum chemical calculations. New molecules were found to be sensitive to near-IR, visible and UV light. [ DOI ]

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