The marking of uncontroversial information in Europe: presenting the enimitiveстатья

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[1] PANOV V. The marking of uncontroversial information in europe: presenting the enimitive // Acta Linguistica Hafnienisa. — 2020. — Vol. 1, no. 52. — P. 1–44. This paper deals with the typology of elements which, as I argue, are best described as markers of uncontroversial information. In order to be able to speak of this class of functions cross-linguistically, I propose the label enimitive, which is derived from the Latin particle enim. On the basis of the data provided in language-particular descriptions, parallel corpora, and my own questionnaire, I investigate the core functions of the enimitive, and typical polysemy models exhibited by enimitive markers cross-linguistically. The polysemy patterns of enimitive markers of the languages of Europe are presented in the form of semantic maps. I argue that in a part of Europe, the geographical distribution of enimitive marking with a particular polysemy type exhibits an areal pattern. I also investigate some particular language-contact mechanisms in both the functions and morphosyntax of enimitive markers which could have led to the present state of affairs. [ DOI ]

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