Archives and Readers: Preservation and Circulation of Documents in Byzantine Monastic Archivesстатья

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[1] Adashinskaya A. Archives and readers: Preservation and circulation of documents in byzantine monastic archives // New Europe College Black Sea Link Program Yearbook, 2014-2015. — New Europe College Bucharest, 2018. — P. 21–60. Present article deals with the problems of Byzantine monastic archives and its readers. Namely, trough regarding methods of keeping, storing techniques, ways of copying and persons responsible for the archives, I find out the possible readers inside of monasteries, and examine their attitude toward the content of the records. While through analyzing the situations when the monastic documents were used outside of the foundations (during tribunals, border-delineations etc.), I discover which laic authorities and individuals had access to records, and what was their ways of reading these texts.

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