A S Kurlovich, B K Lubsandorzhiev, A K Mezhokh, V P Morgalyuk, V V Sinev, V P Zavarzina, How Geoneutrinos can help in understanding of the Earth heat fluxстатья

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[1] Bezrukov L. B. A s kurlovich, b k lubsandorzhiev, a k mezhokh, v p morgalyuk, v v sinev, v p zavarzina, how geoneutrinos can help in understanding of the earth heat flux // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. — Vol. 934, no. 1. — P. 012011–2017. The Hydride Earth model predictions of geoneutrino flux and intrinsic Earth heat flux are discussed. The geoneutrino flux predicted by the model can be adjusted to the experimental one. The predicted intrinsic Earth heat flux is significantly larger than model dependent experimental value obtained under assumption that the main heat transfer mechanism is a thermal conductivity. We introduce an additional mechanism of heat transfer in the Earth's crust, namely the energy transfer by hot gases produced in the Earth crust at great depths. The experimental data supporting this idea, in particular the temperature profiles measured in the Kola super deep borehole, are discussed. [ DOI ]

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